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    Smart underground waste collection point in Zhejiang put into use

    2021-03-25 16:10:12Ecns.cn Editor : Li Yuxin ECNS App Download

    (ECNS) -- The first intelligent underground waste collection point was put into use in Liushui Xiyuan Community, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province on Tuesday.

    With dustbins placed in underground disinfection cabinets, this dump point has multiple functions, such as induction lid opening, induction fire extinguishing, disinfection and epidemic prevention, along with overflow warning.

    Besides automatic inductive lid opening and overflow voice warning, it has many other functions, for example, induction fire extinguishing, timed deodorization, disinfection and epidemic prevention, rainwater and sewage diversion, said Huang Zhiyuan, a street researcher.

    The blue tube is used for deodorizing. It sprays biological enzymes every two hours to decompose the odor. The black one is an overflow sensor that will send out an automatic alarm for replacing the full dustbin.

    The argenteous sprayer is used for disinfection and epidemic prevention through spraying disinfectant. The yellow one is a fire extinguisher, which can extinguish fire once smoke is detected by the sensor or the temperature exceeds the threshold of 85 degrees Celsius.

    "This underground waste collection point can avoid secondary pollution. When the lights here are turned on in the evening, it will become a place for leisure," said Mao Yanwu,
    deputy director of Urban Governance Research Center of Zhejiang.

    This intelligent garbage recycling facility will also help residents develop a good habit of garbage sorting.

    Without sewage, flies and mosquitoes, residents here are satisfied with the new garbage disposal point.

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